*shot by Marine Leleu

These PULLi bags are made out of recycled pullovers and t-shirts for the linings. 

It is all a matter of pleats. Only using the cut on the linings. 
The morphology of a jumper is directly adapted to contain something if you close the bottom or the top, then the pleats offered me to find the shape of the bags into this material. 

The choice of the colours came from the fact that I found 3 times the same turtlenake jumper and 2 times the same cardigan in a big bucket at the collecting center Le Relais, while looking for knitwear jumpers to recycled them yarn. 
Leaded by the collected pieces I designed these bags. As recycled materials, they keep them old story while being part of a new one. 

Moreover I am for a more durable fashion, and I think that every decade has is symbolic range of colours. So, it might be that our decade of recyclers will looks like a beautiful palette of melted colours, remains of all the previous decades. 

*Pullovers from the textile collecting center Le Relais Paris