I am a freelance knitwear fashion designer based in France. I work for fashion brands, designers, artists beside developing my own design.
      Always looking for collaborations, I'm interested in projects touching to ecological meanings, naturals fibres, mixed medium projects, collectives works, dance and theatre. 

      I was born in 1994 and grown up in Aveyron, France. Country side gave me ways to experiment with my environment, and the desire to protect it through my practise. Soon I discovered my strong attraction for fibres and textile. 

      After a BA in textile design, I spent two years traveling and working for costumes designers, for artists, and I finally had to concluded that bodies and textile would be my way to express me.
I got in the second year of a  bachelor at L’école de la maille de Paris - only specialise into knitwear fashion, this very special-ised school made me go always deeper into the know-how of knitwear and working very freely with it. 

      Bodies became for me the alive support to tells stories through yarns and colours. 

selected experiences


Design of the footwear collection for Vitelli SS20,

presented at fashion week Milan.


Part of  "The Exquisite Corpse Project Show" leaded by artist Valerie Kong,                 

exhibit at 23-27 Arcola street London.


Creation of a textile surface covering the entire floor of the exhibition 

"The Night shift" by Liv Schulman (Prix Ricard 2018) ZOO Gallery, Nantes. 


Costume assistant on Kat Valastur retrospective at H.A.U2, Berlin.



Costume assistant of Lydia Sonderegger for choreographer Kat Valastur on:

-"OILinity" H.A.U2, Berlin, april / La Cartoucherie, Paris, may.

 -"Those specks of dust" H.A.U1, Berlin, august.

tasks: designing prints, pattern making, sewing costumes, assisting fittings.

Exhibition of prints on paper "Digitaalainen" at KOLO café gallery, Helsinki.


Intern costume designer at Deutsches Theater Berlin on: 

 - "Wodka-Käfer" Brit Bartkowiak.

-"Jugend.Erinneerung 1945-2015" Uta Plate.

-"Wintersonnenwende" Jan Bosse.

tasks: assisting fittings, touch up, shopping.


*speak French, English, Spanish.

Starting Italiano.

*sampling and prototyping on gauge 3 to 12, on mechanic and electronic double bed domestic machine. 

*knitwear pattern making / designing seamless knits.

*intarsia, lace, Jacquard.

*designing Jacquard for industrial flat knitting machine.

*technical package on Illustrator.

*picture manipulation - Photoshop,

edition - Indesign.

*tendances researches.

*fashion illustration.


*pattern design.

*large knowledge on fibers, natural and artificials including qualities and aspect of the yarn. 


*natural and artificial dying process.


*felting process.


*printing process.

Graduated from BA Knitwear Fashion design.
 Major of the promotion, jury's congratulations.

 - L'École de la Maille de Paris.

Gap year - works, collaborations, travels.


Non degree additional training - internships.

- E.N.S.A.A.M.A Olivier de Serres, Paris.

BA Textile Design.

- E.N.S.A.A.M.A Paris.