RUN Alice - graduation collection, Knitwear fashion BA.  

shot by Marine Leleu

model Swan Gautier, dancer and performer

silhouette "Tisonniers, carottes et chandeliers"

silhouette "Ourroux égré"

      My collection "RUN Alice" is build on the tale "Through the looking glass and what Alice found there", written by Lewis Carroll, published in 1871. 

     The tale based on a real chess game tells the initiatory journey of a young girl, Alice. She is moving forward by meeting one by one strange creatures and living beings, real linguists, shaking her certainties. 

In that world, she has to run always faster to stay put. She runs as we run to keep our place in the society. With RUN Alice the sport become an apparat. I take sport codes at a first degree of interpretation, crowned by the "ShoeHat2", a wink to Schiaparelli and Dali for their surrealistic ShoeHat (1937). 

       Plus, garden and flowers everywhere present in the tale arise softly the whole collection. To me, flowers represent the itself, or intimate space, and in "Through the looking glass and what Alice found there" Alice literally explored her own garden. 

silhouette "Le terrible tintamarre"

silhouette "Tralali et Tralalère"

the ShoeHat

silhouette "Les petits poissons sont au lit"

<3 Saying "YEAH" after the show - June 2018