The shoes are made out of recycled sneakers from secondhand, and left overs yarns from my collection "RUN Alice" - graduation collection. 

I choose to redesigned completely the shoes, cutting every part of it till the very essential.

     I worked with leftover yarns and elastics to adapt the soles to the feet. The soles are totally recovered with different kind of recycled materials - silicone, glue, mixed material melted with pigments. 

My collection Run Alice is based on the tale "Alice through the looking glass" of Lewis Carroll, Alice is constantly running to keep her place on the chessboard. That's why I chose running shoes.

I worked on the pieces as on theatre costumes, exaggerating the designs and working without standards of comfort, to express my concept of this tale - that I chose because it reminds me so much of our actuals society, and it please me as always to work with story, history and tales. 

*Materials for the soils found at the recycling center La Réserve des Arts


*shot by Marine Leleu